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Shameless: Hitting Rock Bottom

Shameless S02E05: “Father’s Day”

This week’s episode of Shameless celebrated Father’s Day as only Shameless can—with the body of Karen’s father, Eddie Jackson, being discovered in Lake Michigan. Unlike episodes of CSI that begin with a dead body, we already knew every detail of what had transpired. Thankfully, the show’s writers have a knack for remembering the loose ends we thought might have been forgotten. This time it was Frank and… Continue reading Shameless: Hitting Rock Bottom

Vin Diesel is pushing hard for 'Fast Five' and using everything he can to sell it, including shirtless pics of him or getting on top of Dwayne Johnson…

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A source has claimed that Demi Lovato hit rock bottom after a fight with a female dancer while on international tour with the Jonas Brothers, which ultimately caused her to check into a rehab. The “physical altercation” was the last straw that spurred the 18-year-old Disney Channel celeb – who has openly discussed her past [...] Continue reading Demi Lovato ‘hit rock bottom after dustup with female dancer on tour’

American rapper Foxy Brown has denied allegations that she flashed her bottom at her neighbour during a heated argument outside their homes in Brooklyn, New York. According to the New York Post, Brown, 30, who has been charged with violating an order of protection for allegedly abusing Arlene Raymond on July 21, insisted her neighbour [...] Continue reading Rapper Foxy Brown denies flashing her bottom at neighbour

Jesse James is still taking treatment for his personal troubles after accepting in the court that he hit “rock bottom” following his split from the his ex wife Sandra Bullock. The TV mechanic took the stand in an Orange County, California court as part of his ongoing custody trial with his second wife Janine Lindemulder [...] Continue reading Jesse James admits he hit ‘rock bottom’ after splitting with Sandra Bullock