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Here’s your 3-day box office returns (new releases bolded):

1. The Croods – $ 44.7 million

2. Olympus Has Fallen – $ 30.5 million

3. Oz: The Great & Powerful – $ 22.0 million

4. The Call – $ 8.7 million

5. Admission – $ 6.4 million

6. Spring Breakers – $ 5.0 million

7. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - $ 4.2 million

8. Jack the Giant Slayer – $ 2.9 million

9. Identity Thief – $ 2.5 million


Playing for Keeps TRAILER 1 (2012) – Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel Movie HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: bit.ly Subscribe to COMING SOON: bit.ly Playing for Keeps TRAILER 1 (2012) – Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel Movie HD A former sports star who’s fallen on hard times starts coaching his son’s soccer team as a way to get his life together. His attempts to become an adult are… Continue reading Playing for Keeps TRAILER 1 (2012) - Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel Movie HD


The new 3D stop-motion comedy thriller from animation company LAIKA, retiming the company with Focus Features after the groun… Read More


“ParaNorman” tells the story of Norman Babcock, a horror-movie obsessed outcast who doesn’t fit in with the other kids at school. But what they don’t know is that Norman can communicate with ghosts — and his ability to speak with the undead is the… Continue reading 'ParaNorman' Directors Chris Butler And Sam Fell Talk Zombies And Kids Horror Films

s GERARD BUTLER large Gerard Butler In Olympus Has Fallen: Cast In New Action Film

Gerard Butler to lead “Olympus Has Fallen.”

Gerard Butler is heading to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The “300” star has signed on to star in “Olympus Has Fallen,” an upcoming film about a down-on-his-luck former Secret Service agent who is sucked back into the field when terrorists take over the White House, Variety reports..

Millennium Films bought the film from first-time scribes Creighton… Continue reading Gerard Butler In 'Olympus Has Fallen': Cast In New Action Film

Gerard Butler Takes Hunter Killer



October 13, 2011

gerard butler bricklayer Gerard Butler Takes Hunter KillerFirst reported two months ago on ComingSoon.net, Gerard Butler is now confirmed to be in negotiations for Hunter Killer.

The film is set to arrive from director Antoine Fuqua and is an adaptation of the novel “Firing Point.” Written by Don Keith and George Wallace, the novel tells about a team of NAVY Seals in a submarine sent