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By Leon Malherbe and Kolja Seibold. . DELITZSCH, Germany Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:43am EST . . DELITZSCH, Germany – Hot on the heels of cross-eyed … Continue reading German zoo prepares cross-eyed cat for celebrity

Kat Von D’s life went up in smoke over the weekend. The star of TV’s L.A. Ink lost her pet cat and Los Angeles pad to a devastating house fire on Sunday. At approximately 11:23 PM, fire crews responded to a call for assistance at Von D’s Hollywood Hills home. Kat was out at the […] Continue reading Kat Von D Fire Costs Tattoo Artist House & Cat

Bieber Fever has not translated to the Animal Planet. The rest of the world may be obsessed with teen singing phenom Justin Bieber, but the floppy-haired crooner receives a fickle reception from the feline sect. Watch how this cat reacts to the magazine cover with Bieber’s face, versus the magazine cover with newlywed Kevin Jonas. Continue reading This Is One Cat Who Does Not Have Bieber Fever!

As a teenager, Nicolas Cage once took magic mushrooms with his cat.Cage, who is starring in the new Disney flick The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, admitted that he indulged in the very un-Disney-like activity when he found out the family feline, Lewis, had got into the fridge and eaten some of his shrooms stash. “I had a bag […] Continue reading The Day Nic Cage Took Magic Mushrooms With His Cat

Lady Gaga has lots of fans — or as affectionately calls them: “Little Monsters” — but one wildly-obsessed fanatic has been driven to the brink of financial ruin by a bizarre quest to turn herself into a Gaga lookalike.Englishwoman Cat Winter has ponied up $20,000 to turn herself into the ultimate impersonator. The trouble began […] Continue reading Obsessed Lady Gaga Fan Cat Winter Broke After Bid To Become Lookalike