CBS Reporter Serene Branson May Have Suffered On-Air Stroke During Babbling Web

A CBS Los Angeles reporter who became a viral sensation after footage of her babbling incoherant jibberish during a post-Grammys broadcast garnered massive hits on the web over night was reportedly taken to a local hospital to be checked for a possible stroke shortly after the episode — which would explain the disintegration of her

CBS “Concerned” About Out-Of-Control Charlie Sheen

It’s no secret — Charlie Sheen’s got issues — and for the first time, network executives at CBS are expressing a “high level of concern” about the troubled star. Sheen has been in and out of the headlines since his 2009 Christmas arrest in Aspen, Colorado following a heated altercation with his now soon-to-be ex-wife

Jessica Alba Producing Twitter-Inspired CBS Sitcom “Mother Of All

Move over, Ashton! Jessica Alba is the newest Hollywood heavyweight producing a Twitter-based sitcom for CBS. Don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds — the script has been written by Twitter comedienne Kelly Oxford. Alba is set to produce a sitcom, entitled Mother of All Something, based on Oxford’s dark brand of comedy.

“Girls Gone Wild” Founder Joe Francis Engaged To Wed CBS News’ Christina

While Paris Hilton is heating up the Google searches this Friday for smoking the ganja out in South Africa, her pot-smokin’ chum Joe Francis is in the headlines for an entirely different reason. The Girls Gone Wild founder — who never met an inebriated twentysomething he didn’t want to disrobe and exploit — is getting