Lindsay Lohan Housed In Cell Next To Alexis Neiers, “Bling Ring” Thief Who

Incarcerated actress Lindsay Lohan has an unlikely neighbor in the Big House — she’s being housed in a cell next to Alexis Neiers, the E! reality star who once stole a necklace from the actress’ Los Angeles home.Alexis Neiers, the very woman who plead no contest to burglarizing Orlando Bloom’s home, is being housed in

LiLo housed in cell next to ”Bling Ring” suspect who robbed her house!

Lindsay Lohan will be housed in a cell next to E! reality star Alexis Neiers, who once stole a necklace from the actress’ house. Neiers is currently serving a 180-day sentence for felony residential burglary of Orlando Bloom”s home, according to The 19-year-old was reportedly involved with Hollywood”s so-called “Bling Ring,” a mostly teenage

Images of the Upcoming Nokia C7 Leaked

It turned out that the image of the upcoming line-up of cell phones of Nokia leaked. It was revealed that Nokia is going to introduce its next C-Series phone, known as the C7.
Actually, the cell phone differs from a normal Nokia phone and resembles the design of Samsung handsets. It is enabled with the same

Nokia makes you travel easily with Nokia 5230 Nuron

Nokia new Smartphone 5230 Nuron is the best cell phone for regular travelers as it is supported with applications like maps with turn-by-turn directions and fast 3G network access that will enable the users to find their way at any unknown place. It is the foremost mobile phone that comes pre-loaded with Ovi Store that

Can cell phones protect us against deadly chemicals?

The “smartphones” many of us now carry have a three to five mega pixel lens, not to mention an MP3 player, GPS or even a bar code scanner. What if new functions on our cell phones can also protect us from toxic chemicals?
The US Deparment of Homeland Security’s science and technology directorate’s Cell-All is such