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Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:

Our best look so far of the villain Yellowjacket from Ant-Man (via Cinema Blend):

Watch scenes from A Clockwork Orange remade using a Grand Theft Auto video game (via Dangerous Minds):

It was only a matter of time before someone mashed J.J. Abrams‘s Bad Robot logo with droids from his next… Continue reading Today in Movie Culture: 'Ant-Man,' 'Star Wars,' 'A Clockwork Orange,' 'The Last Starfighter' and More

Stanley Kubrick: Limited Edition Collection (Spartacus / Lolita / Dr. Strangelove / 2001: A Space Odyssey / A Clockwork Orange / Barry Lyndon / The Shining / Full Metal Jacket / Eyes Wide Shut) [Blu-ray]

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Inside the First Screening of A Clockwork Orange

“I think it’s my most… skillful film,” Stanley Kubrick stated in his calm, equanimous voice, the day after screening the first assembly of A Clockwork Orange.

We were standing on either side of Stanley’s desk in his functionally chaotic home office at Abbots Mead in Elstree, England, going over the agenda for our imminent meeting with Dick Lederer, senior vice president of advertising-publicity at Warner Bros.

Stanley always spoke precisely, especially on… Continue reading Inside the First Screening of A Clockwork Orange

40 years ago, director Stanley Kubrick was riding high following the back-to-back Oscar-nominated films Dr. Strangelove and 2001: A Space Odyssey , but it would be his next movie that would really define the filmmaker’s career.

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