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The ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano eruption that spread over Europe cost airlines more than $1.7 billion in lost revenue, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said Wednesday.
The calculation by the industry group was made through Tuesday, with the initial eruption occurring six days earlier. The volcano forced closure of much of Europe’s skies.
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Sentencing for Michael Douglas’ son Cameron will be done in public view.
The lawyers defending Cameron’s case have failed to bar media from the ruling session of the court when the Hollywood actor’s 31-year-old son will be sentenced for drug trafficking on 27 April.
Cameron was charged for the possession of methamphetamine and may face more than […] Continue reading No closed sentencing for Cameron Douglas

Sabrina Lall, sister of Jessica Lall who was shot dead in April 1999, said she was happy that the “final door has been closed” for Manu Sharma as the Supreme Court Monday upheld his life sentence for the murder.
“After 11 years…I am glad that the final door has been closed on this (case). It has […] Continue reading Final door closed for Manu Sharma: Jessica’s sister