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The Blair Witch Project was such a phenomenon when it came out that no one really knew how to react to its success. Hollywood wasn’t sure if it could replicate it, which is why you didn’t see it get a new sequel every year. Not even cowriter/director Eduardo Sánchez had any real idea of what a post-Blair Witch career should look like for him.

Sánchez stepped away from the… Continue reading 'Blair Witch Project' Cocreator Eduardo Sánchez Gives Us an Update on the Film's Legacy and a Potential New Sequel

‘Chuck’ co-creator Josh Schwartz says goodbye — EXCLUSIVE ESSAY


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With the series finale tonight, co-creator Josh Schwartz recently took some time to pen an ode to the power of sandwiches while looking back at the wild, stop-and-start ride that has been NBC’s


By: Josh Schwartz

They say every end is a new beginning. In the spring of 2007, I was on set for… Continue reading ‘Chuck’ co-creator Josh Schwartz says goodbye — EXCLUSIVE ESSAY


By now many of you watched the first episode of FX’s new shock-a-palooza and have many questions. (Be sure to check out my colleague Jeff Jensen’s recap.) Who is Rubber Man? What the hell is in that basement? How fabulous is Jessica Lange? Thankfully, co-creator Ryan Murphy, who conceived the show alongside… Continue reading ‘American Horror Story’ co-creator Ryan Murphy talks premiere, his favorite scene, and identity of Rubber Man — EXCLUSIVE

It’s been another wild and ratings record-breaking season of MTV’s Jersey Shore. Below co-creator and executive producer SallyAnn Salsano (a Long Islander who spent summer weekends partying at Seaside Heights herself) exclusively spoke to EW to answer our burning questions: What’s coming in tonight’s finale, what we should expect when the gang goes to Italy

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