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“Community” was never supposed to last this long. Despite the eternal fan rallying cry of “six seasons and a movie,” few thought that that goal was actually a possibility. Now, however, “Community” Season 6 is close to happening — but is hardly a sure thing.

Show creator Dan Harmon is OK with that. He is used to uncertainty

The supermodel says she’s happiest when home with husband Orlando Bloom and new baby Flynn… Continue reading Miranda Kerr: I'm Most Comfortable in My Underwear

Susan Sarandon has revealed that she is happy being 64, even if her skin sags. “I wouldn”t want to be 20 now. I know so much more, and I”m much more comfortable in my skin, saggy as it is,” The Daily Telegraph quoted her telling V magazine, in an Age Issue. Sarandon, who split with […] Continue reading Susan Sarandon is ‘comfortable in her saggy skin’

Susan Sarandon, Sigourney Weaver and Jane Fonda, 64, 61 and 72 respectively, have posed in a variety of sultry poses for V Magazine’s upcoming, ‘Who cares about age’, issue. All three women look fabulous in the photos, while Fonda takes it one step further by draping her famous body over a table. Sarandon also spoke […] Continue reading Susan Sarandon, 64, says she’s comfortable in her saggy skin

Listen up, Crunchers: Michael Jackson’s top banana could use your help.In the 1980s, Bubbles The Chimpanzee moonwalked, appeared in music videos, and hobnobbed with celebs like Liza Minnelli and Brooke Shields. He even slept in a crib and accompanied MJ on his 1987 Bad World Tour. (Not to mention he once chomped down on the […] Continue reading Adopt Bubbles! Michael Jackson’s Chimp Seeks Donations For Comfortable Retirement