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Back to the Future Transformers art

Thank God for the internet. If not for Al Gore’s greatest invention, we wouldn’t have awesome things like this new digital art series titled If They Could Transform – which takes some of your favorite pop culture vehicles and turns them into Transformers. And you thought the Internet was just for cat memes…

The artwork comes courtesy of artist Darren Rawlings

If you’re one of the Back to the Future fans hoping to score the film-employed DeLorean being auctioned off this December, you have another option for your fandom if you don’t win that piece of memorabilia. And while it’s not a car used in the trilogy, it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly. The DeLorean Motor Company (version 2.0) has unveiled a prototype for a fully electric-powered version of… Continue reading The Conversation: Who Will Be Getting an Electric-Powered DeLorean?

George Clooney is in talks to play John DeLorean in an upcoming biopic based on the life of the flamboyant car manufacturer. The Oscar-nominated heartthrob is being courted to play the man who created the famous DMC-12 gull-wing cars made famous by the Back to the Future trilogy of the 1980s, The Daily Express has […] Continue reading George Clooney DeLorean Biopic