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As beloved and iconic as it is, let’s face the facts: the original film of Annie is looking a little crusty these days. Sure, it has its charms and it’s going to exist as long as someone pays to keep it in print, but it feels more like a curiosity. It’s no longer vital. So it’s easy to understand why the new version… Continue reading Movie Musicals That Deserve a Fancy New Reboot Like 'Annie'

So far it’s just a rumor, and it’s just too ridiculous to believe in spite of Latino Review’s reputation, but supposedly Sony is working on a Spider-Man spin-off focused on Aunt May. No, it won’t just be two hours of her washing Peter Parker’s undies. This would be a period-set backstory in which young May Reilly (at least I think it’s… Continue reading Spider-Man's Aunt May and Other Minor Superhero Characters Who Deserve a Spin-Off

Big Hero 6 does something that we’re probably going to see happen a lot more in the coming years. As Marvel Studios continues to bring the big names from its comics to the big screen, Disney Animation has taken a more obscure title and run wild with it, creating a movie that bears Marvel trademarks while not being directly connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s smart business… Continue reading Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Animated Movie

Would you go to a Wes Anderson amusement park? The quirky filmmaker has proposed the idea in a foreward to a book on the visual art of Mark Mothersbaugh, his frequent choice of composer. The idea is obviously a joke, but just imagine the go-karts, the camping, the first class Blume Aquarium, the animatronic foxes, rides modeled after the Darjeeling Limited and the… Continue reading What Filmmakers Deserve Their Own Amusement Park?

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A lot of people really love The Raid (aka The Raid: Redemption), though not enough to make it a technical hit in America. Not box office-wise, anyway. Yet now The Raid 2 has been made and is in theaters this weekend. It probably won’t do much… Continue reading Your Top Three: Action Movies That Still Deserve Sequels