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467486635 Avengers: Age of Ultron: Elizabeth Olsen Says Her Scarlet Witch Costume Is DifferentAngela Weiss/Getty Images

Comic-book fans can be very touchy about changes to their beloved characters in movie adaptations, so Elizabeth Olsen is giving a… Continue reading 'Avengers: Age of Ultron': Elizabeth Olsen Says Her Scarlet Witch Costume Is 'Different'

Next week, “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale is shedding her crazy Aria fashions to play a preacher’s daughter on fellow ABC Family show “Baby Daddy.” But as Hale says in these behind-the-scenes clips, her character Piper has more in common with Aria than you might think.

“Well, they’re both liars, that’s for sure,” says Hale with a laugh. “Their wardrobes are completely different, but underneath

Hawaii Five-0 is usually the action-adventure junkie’s dream, but in Friday’s episode, in which McGarrett and Co. work a cold case from the years just after Pearl Harbor, you won’t see quite the same type of action.

Executive producer Peter Lenkov said he and fellow writer on the episode Ken Solarz wanted to do something a little more intimate and dial back the present-day action in favor of a

divergent%20footage New Divergent Footage Explores the Terror of Being Different (VIDEO)Summit Entertainment

Mean girls? In the world of “Divergent,” it’s murderous girls.

Summit Entertainment has released another featurette (below) that explores the world created by author Veronica Roth and being filmed by director Neil Burger. This one focuses on what it really means to be “divergent” — when someone can’t be categorized into one of the five factions into which society divides. Shailene Woodley’s protagonist, Tris… Continue reading New 'Divergent' Footage Explores the Terror of Being Different (VIDEO)

Despite our constant exposure to every beauty product under the sun, the PEOPLE beauty team’s self-tanning experience ranges from “super-newbie” to “could self tan evenly in my sleep” — and we decided it was time to even the playing field. Six of us took home different self-tanners to test-drive, and reported back on three factors: the ease of use, the smell (on a scale of icky signature self-tanner smell to… Continue reading We Tried It: Six Different Self Tanners, From $10 to $45