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earth2thumb Another Earth in Real Life: Concept Art from Most Earthlike Planet Ever Discovered

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In the film Another Earth, the premise revolves around the discovery of another planet that’s practically identical to earth. Slowly it’s revealed that this planet houses other versions of ourselves, and the rest of the film explores what this discovery means for those of us on this earth who are struggling with demons, searching for new beginnings, and, well, another life on another… Continue reading 'Another Earth' in Real Life: Concept Art from Most Earthlike Planet Ever Discovered

Stevejobsmovie Steve Jobs Lost Interview Discovered, Being Rushed To Theaters


By radio detection and ranging Staff

PBS has unearthed a goldmine of a Steve Jobs interview, and it’s being quickly turned into a movie.

In the early 1990s, PBS interviewed Jobs as part of a special called Triumphs of the Nerds. But only 10 minutes of the 70-minute chat was used, the rest spent the last 20 years in the PBS vault.

The… Continue reading Steve Jobs 'Lost Interview' Discovered, Being Rushed To Theaters

Being on American Idol has really opened up a window for Jennifer Lopez, so she can know what’s going on. In a recent interview with Angie… Continue reading Jennifer Lopez Has Landed On Planet Earth And Discovered Lil Wayne: “He’s Really Good, He Might Be The Best…”

Elvis Presley archivists have found three rare photographs dating back more than 50 years, showing the young singer greeting fans at the gates of Graceland. Angie Marchese, director of archives at Elvis Presley Enterprises, revealed that the negatives were tucked in a small envelope with no writing on it. A scan revealed that the photos, [...] Continue reading Unseen photos of Elvis Presley discovered