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Most of us have at least one terribly embarrassing memory of watching something inappropriate with our parents or kids. We know you’ve all been through it — gone to see a film you thought would be a crowd-pleaser only to realize it’s cringe-inducing — at least while sitting next to the parental units or offspring. Here are some true stories about unbearably embarrassing movie moments, starting with my… Continue reading Embarrassing Movie Moments With Mom: Readers Share Their Cringe-Worthy Stories

The quest to become an actor in Hollywood is humiliating as it is. You would think that getting some work in a major motion picture means you’re done with the embarrassing pandering.

 15 of the Most Embarrassing Movie Roles of All Time
 15 of the Most Embarrassing Movie Roles of All Time

Britain’s deputy prime minister says the country’s plaintiff-friendly libel laws have become an international embarrassment and must be changed … Continue reading Britain Vows To Change 'embarrassing' Libel Law

Halle Berry shocked audience when revealed two round sweat stains in her armpits during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday. The actress, who was wearing a burgundy dress, laughed it off but blamed the wetness on the guests DeGeneres featured earlier in the show. “I just want you to know what those Indian [...] Continue reading Berry shows off ‘embarrassing’ sweaty armpits on ”Ellen DeGeneres Show”