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Forget “Portlandia.” The dream of the late ’90s is still alive in Manchester, UK, where teens are apparently recreating the David Fincher dude-tastic classic “Fight Club.” According to The Independent, the teens are using BlackBerry Messenger to meet up for a touch of the old ultra-violence.

Indeed, these kids are taking it to a new level by… Continue reading England Teens Prove 'Fight Club' Is Still a Thing

Dear me! O gracious heav’n above! Never have mine eyes beheld a depiction of depravity more complete and all-consuming as that which is entitled “The Human Centipede, Part the Second: A Dramatic Photoplay”!

What vile mind of man could have conceived such an assemblage of distasteful images, strung together and exhibited by means of a “moving-picture” device?

More pertinently, to what end might an artist so endeavour? Hath… Continue reading A Proper Gentleman from 19th Century England Reacts to Seeing 'Human Centipede 2'

British musician and talk show host Lily Allen wed her boyfriend Sam Cooper in England Saturday (June 11), reports The Telegraph. The 26-year-old … Continue reading Lily Allen weds Sam Cooper in England

By Adam S. LevyRadar Staff Writer
It’s been a busy month for these fellas: One caught Osama bin Laden, the other got 2 billion people to watch him tie the knot.
PHOTOS: The Obamas Meet The Royals
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By Radar Staff
The odd Philip Treacy-designed hat Princess Beatrice wore at last month’s royal wedding sold for about $130,000 (GBP 81,000) in an eBay auction this weekend.
The proceeds for the famous headpiece will be forwarded to UNICEF UK and Childr… Continue reading Princess Beatrice Hat Goes For $130K on eBay