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By Jen Heger – Radar Assistant Managing Editor

Weekend TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe was reprimanded by executives of the morning show because of her behavior towards new co-anchor, Erica Hill, radio detection and rangingOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

“Jenna’s on air antics on Saturday towards Erica Hill, who took her job, were extremely unprofessional. Jenna was obviously very upset that Erica replaced her as the co-anchor…Jenna had been the co-anchor on Sundays… Continue reading Weekend TODAY's Jenna Wolfe Reprimanded About On-Air Behavior Towards Erica Hill


By Jen Heger – Radar Assistant Managing Editor

As Erica Hill made her debut as co-host beside Lester Holt on Weekend Today, Jenna Wolfe, who was demoted from that job and is now the show’s news reader, is telling friends she is extremely upset about how she has been treated, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

“After NBC confirmed last week that Erica had been hired as the new co-host, Jenna was… Continue reading Jenna Wolfe Upset With Demotion To News Reader On 'Weekend Today,' Erica Hill Is New Co-Host


Image Credit: Schroter/Syfy


fans, brace yourself for one more twist.

You know the show was renewed for a sixth season, canceled, then had its final six episodes retracted. Now Syfy is adding one final hour to the show’s upcoming fifth season so writers can wrap things up. It doesn’t take a math genius to calculate the fluctuating final episode count for… Continue reading ‘Eureka’! Syfy orders one final episode — plus, Erica Cerra speaks out

Recently it became known that Erica Blasberg who was a star of LPGA became the target of a police raid. In fact, the police was trying to clear the reasons of Erica’s death.
A search warrant was executed by police in May13. Moreover, according to the obtained documents by TMZ, the medical office as well as […] Continue reading Police to Investigate the Death of Erica Blasberg, Star of LPGA

Erica Blasberg is a bright young star, she had turned pro in 2004. She has never finished higher than eighth place she competed only one LPGA tournament this year.
According to her friend, Jay Beckman, all her life she was playing golf, and probably she burned out a little.
One should admit that Blasberg worked hard in […] Continue reading Erica Blasberg Is Dead. Was it a Suicide?