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Showtime has some billionaires, rock stars, and crazy exes for you to meet.

Network president David Nevins announced three new pilot orders for the pay-cable channel during the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills on Friday. First, Billions, a drama about an aggressive New York attorney who deals exclusively with obnoxious hedge fund billionaires. The show comes from a script by Andrew Ross Sorkin, with Brian… Continue reading Showtime swears Cameron Crowe’s new show isn’t ‘Almost Famous’ (except it totally is)

mad-men-jon-hamm-favors-season-6.jpgSo what are we supposed to make of all the smiles in these advance photos from Sunday’s episode of “Mad Men”?

Is everyone at the newly named SD&P agency suddenly in a good mood? Or is this just a clever way of AMC hiding something terrible to come? Either way, we can’t help but notice Don isn’t smiling.

Here’s the official description for the episode, titled… Continue reading 'Mad Men' Season 6 episode 11 photos: 'Favors' - Everyone's smiling, except Don

After kicking off Season 7 with two heavily serialized, mythology-building episodes Supernatural‘s third episode ventured into case-of-the-week territory. And it was… fine. Many of Supernatural‘s standalone episodes have been among the series’ best, but aside from its somewhat shocking ending, I don’t think “The Girl Next Door” will remain in my memory bank for too long.

The cliffhanging events of last week’s episode (Sam and Dean were headed to Monster Hospital!… Continue reading Supernatural: Kill All Monsters! (Except the Nice Ones?)

Review in a Hurry: Hey look! Ryan Gosling is in another film this week year, and he’s brought a whole lotta Hollywood heavy-hitters along with him. Director/cowriter/costar George Clooney‘s political thriller focuses on a young and ambitious press secretary (Gosling), who discovers that—surprise!—there’s a lot of shady deals… Continue reading Movie Review: The Ides of March Just Like Other Politics Thrillers, Except With More Ryan Gosling!

Review in a Hurry: This body-switching comedy plays like a super-raunchy Freaky Friday, with two best buds (Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds) accidentally swapping their wildly different lives. Funny performances and one-liners freshen the hackneyed premise somewhat, but Change-Up gets effed-up by sloppy storytelling and gratuitously vulgar gags.… Continue reading Movie Review: The Change-Up Is Like Freaky Friday, Except With Lots More Poop Jokes