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the-bachelorette-premiere-desiree-hartsock.jpgDesiree rolls up to her “Bachelorette” manse, looking lovely in an orange dress. She really is a tall drink of water, she stands eye to eye with Chris Harrison — granted, she’s wearing heels, but most girls still aren’t as tall as him even in heels.

After freaking out over the house, Desiree is handed the keys to a sporty turquoise number. Fancy. We appreciate… Continue reading 'The Bachelorette' premiere: Could Jonathan the fantasy suite guy be any creepier?

Some on the Game of Thrones team avoid the f-word. The HBO hit is a complex grown-up drama about human relationships, they say, that just happens to take place in a world that’s a tad different from our world.

But John Bradley, who plays kind and oft-abused Nights Watch member Samwell Tarly on the show, supports Thrones owning the fantasy label. “A lot of people involved with the show… Continue reading ‘Game of Thrones’ John Bradley defends fantasy fans

Jack the Giant Slayer

‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ tells the story of an ancient war that is reignited when a young farmhand unwittingly opens a gateway… Read More


Giants are coming! This weekend, the fantasy film “Jack the Giant Slayer” stomps its way into theaters.

Based on the fairy tales “Jack the Giant Killer”

Bye Bye PSN & a Final Fantasy X Remake? – IGN Daily Fix 02.06.12

Welcome back guys and gals, IGN is here with Naomi Kyle for your Daily Fix. Square Enix explains Final Fantasy X HD and the controversial ending of FFXIII-2, PlayStation Vita gets some new features and PlayStation Network is changing to “SEN?” Find out on today’s episode! Click below for the full… Continue reading Bye Bye PSN & a Final Fantasy X Remake? - IGN Daily Fix 02.06.12

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete [Blu-ray]

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete [Blu-ray]

  • “Legacy of Final Fantasy VII” Featurette
  • “Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII” Original Story Digest
  • On the Way to a Smile – Episode: Denzel Animated Film
  • Exclusive Sneak Peek at Final Fantasy XIII
  • Final Fantasy VII