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tarzan arab 530 Tarzan and Arab: Gaza Based Filmmakers Look for First Feature Funding

You probably haven’t heard of Tarzan and Arab, identical twin brothers from Gaza who, until recently, had never done what you likely do on a regular basis: go to the movies. There are no cinemas in the Hamas-controlled Gaza, something that makes the twins’s story that much more amazing. Tarzan and Arab — real names: Ahmed and Mohamed Abu Nasser — are aspiring filmmakers who have… Continue reading Tarzan and Arab: Gaza-Based Filmmakers Look for First Feature Funding

 Gaza Filmmakers Visit Austin to Enjoy Their First Theatrical Exhibition    So What Was the Film?Two brothers dream of becoming filmmakers. They dream of seeing their own movies projected in front of an audience. But these young men have never even been inside of a movie theater. They have never seen a movie projected on the big screen. They have spent their entire lives in the Gaza Strip, where the only cinemas were destroyed in the 1980s

Last week, director Jafar Panahi’s latest movie was screened at the New York Film Festival, even as an appeals court in his native Iran upheld his sentence, calling for six years of imprisonment and a 20-year ban on filmmaking or travel outside his homeland. He’s one of several of Iran’s most prominent filmmakers who’ve faced harsh sentences in recent weeks. Now, Hollywood has come together in support of the jailed… Continue reading Academy and Other Hollywood Groups Urge Iran to Free Jailed Filmmakers

 Watch: Fantastic Fest Filmmakers, Talent and More Shoot Shotguns, Texas Style

One of the annual excursions here at Fantastic Fest is a trip to shoot shotguns out in what looks to be the middle of nowhere. It sounds like the perfect set-up for a film that would play Fantastic Fest (the shotgun lovers begin dying one by one, but who’s killing them???), but when it comes to Fantastic Fest, the event is indeed real and only somewhat… Continue reading Watch: Fantastic Fest Filmmakers, Talent and More Shoot Shotguns, Texas-Style

current bw 276x200 Independent Filmmakers: Focus on Your Film, Not Marketing   Baseline Intelligence

Specialty Film Researcher Jeremy Juuso explains why filmmakers shouldn't compromise their vision in favor of attempting to appeal to a broader set of moviegoers.