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MRUC was banking on RSCI bailing it out of the difficult situation it had run into following stiff opposition from 18 leading media houses

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | February 19, 2014


For now, this is the final blow for the controversial IRS 2013 findings that were announced recently. The Readership Studies Council of India (RSCI), at its meeting held… Continue reading Breaking News: RSCI puts IRS 2013 findings in abeyance

Brain Bleach Alert! Booger-eating isn’t just all the rage with The Sandbox Set anymore. A new viral video is sweeping the web, and it isn’t safe for work, life, or while eating. On second thought, if you’re able to sit through 60 minutes of Jersey Shore and still keep your dinner down, watching a grown […] Continue reading Woman Digs In Nose & Eats Findings Live On TV