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07/11/2013 at 05:27 PM ET

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By Adam S. Levy – Radar Staff Writer

Brandi Glanville’s exploits have made The Tonight Show.

LeAnn Rimes, appearing on Tuesday’s edition, gave a revealing look into her personal life, and host Jay Leno wasn’t squeamish in asking her about husband Eddie Cibrian’s ex and the longtime drama between them.

PHOTOS: LeAnn Rimes Gives Bizarre Barefoot Performance

“I know Eddie’s ex-wife is on this reality show (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) … is it weird?” Jay asked… Continue reading LeAnn Rimes 'Flattered' Brandi Glanville Uses Her For Reality Show Storyline, Opens Up About Affair & Treatment

Actress Chloe Sevigny says she is ‘flattered’ by a recurring series of videos spoofing her fashionable imageActress Chloe Sevigny says she is ‘flattered’ by a recurring series of videos spoofing her f Continue reading Chloe Sevigny 'Flattered' By Drew Droege Spoof

The diva has two faces — and Babs loves it. Barbra Streisand has praised actress Jennifer Aniston for the “wonderful job” the actress did in her attempt at impersonating her style for a photoshoot with the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.The Marley & Me actress has long idolized Streisand and jumped at the chance to […] Continue reading Barbra Streisand “Flattered” By Jennifer Aniston Homage