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kiernan shipka wig heather graham flowers in the attic Flowers in the Attic: Which was worse, Heather Grahams acting or Kiernan Shipkas wigs?Look, “Flowers in the Attic” was a Lifetime movie so it probably didn’t have the highest of production budgets. But that’s no excuse for putting such cheap-looking wigs on the most flawless teenage actor around, Kiernan Shipka, who managed to act circles around her TV mother, Heather Graham.

In the movie, Graham’s Corinne slowly transforms from perky suburban mom to

October 20, 2011

A trailer for Zhang Yimou’s The Flowers of War, starring Christian Bale, has come online and can be watched below.

Based on Chinese author Yan Geling’s novel “The 13 Women of Nanjing,” the film is about 13 prostitutes who stepped in for female university students who were to be taken as “escorts” for the troops during the period when nearly 20,000 women and girls were

xn7123 260x195 10 Terrifying Movie Moms Who Could Use Some Flowers

The abusive dad/stepdad is a movie standby, from Jack Nicholson’s tortured Jack Torrance in The Shining to approximately one-third of everything Robert De Niro’s ever done.

Link : http://www.webdesignschoolsguide.com/library/10-terrifying-movie-moms-who-could-…

Brandon Flowers on grief record

Brandon Flowers has revealed how he channelled his grief for his dead mother into new solo album Flamingo.. . The Killers frontman cancelled the … Continue reading Brandon Flowers on grief record

Charlize Theron will be seen battling ninjas in the new video for Brandon Flowers” debut single, Crossfire. With her fighter avatar, the Oscar-winning actress has indulged Australian director Nash Edgerton”s childhood fantasy by killing the black-clad bad guys in the video. The special effects-packed video shows Flowers kidnapped by ninjas before Theron rescues the helpless [...] Continue reading Charlize Theron kills ninjas in Brandon Flowers” new video