Hasina’s son accuses Grameen Bank of fraud

Sajeeb WajedBangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s US-based son Sajeeb Wajed has joined the row between the government and Grameen Bank, accusing the latter of fraud, theft and tax evasion, a media report said Wednesday. Sajeeb has accused Grameen founder and Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus and his family of embezzlement, New Age said Wednesday quoting from an

Sean Connery ordered to pay millions in probe into Spanish property fraud

Former James Bond Sean Connery has been asked to pay a 51-million-pound bond or face an investigation into a land deal. A judge has ordered the legendary actor, 80, his wife, 81 and 18 others involved in an alleged fraud case to find the money within ten days or risk a probe by cops and

Sean Connery Tax Fraud Investigation Spain

Bond’s in trouble with The Tax Man: Sean Connery and his wife are being investigated for tax fraud in Spain.The Oscar-winning film star and his wife Micheline have been placed under investigation in Spain over allegations of tax fraud, the first step to formal charges, Spanish-language newspaper Sur reported Thursday. Investigators suspect a property firm linked