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Inevitably, there are always wonderful moments and not-so-great moments in awards shows — what matters is the ratio.

At the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, after a hilarious start from co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, things got a bit slow. There was a collection of name-list speeches, and several no-shows that dragged the ceremony down.

But thanks in part to alcohol, humor and heartfelt speeches, the awards show picked up around… Continue reading 2013 Golden Globes: Best And Worst Moments

When Robert Downey Jr. presented his friend, actress Jodie Foster, with this year’s Cecil B. Demile award at the Golden Globes, most viewers were likely expecting a normal acceptance speech from the 50-year-old star. My how very wrong we were. In a speech that touched on everything from personal privacy to retirement to Honey Boo Boo, Foster managed to upstage the entire ceremony. However, the comments that really raised eyebrows… Continue reading Jodie Foster's Golden Globes Speech: Actress Discusses Sexuality, Personal Life At Ceremony

Are you aware that the Golden Globe Awards are happening this weekend? Maybe the Oscar nominations have diverted our attention a bit, but it doesn’t seem like many people are aware. Or, maybe the world is finally ignoring the event? Is it because we’re a misogynistic society and there’s not only a woman nominated for Best Director but there are two women (Tina Fey and Amy

Could it be that the Golden Globes actually have better taste than the Oscars? After all, Globe voters this year found room for critically lauded performances by Marion Cotillard (“Rust and Bone”), Rachel Weisz (“The Deep Blue Sea”), John Hawkes (“The Sessions”) and Richard Gere (“Arbitrage”) that the Academy voters overlooked. And the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (the group that picks the Globes) had the sense to nominate Kathryn Bigelow… Continue reading 2013 Golden Globes: Predicting Winners For This Year's Ceremony

The Golden Globes have long been considered the lesser of the two big annual film awards. They’re chosen by foreign journalists who have little reason to hold much influence, and these members tend to be criticized for being starstruck when voting. They also focus on above-the-line talent rather than including specialty filmmaking crafts, have ignored documentary completely for more than three decades and once allowed the… Continue reading Oscars vs. Golden Globes: Which Nominations Got It Right This Year?