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Your Top Three is a series here at Movies.com where we choose a topic and you give us your top three picks.

Another school year is over, and another class of students is walking the field in cap and gown. Depending on where you live, the diplomas may already be in hand a month already. So, there’s no time to waste… Continue reading Your Top Three: Movies That Every Graduate Must See

Forty-five years later, it’s hard to appreciate what a revolutionary film “The Graduate” was. Not just for its depiction of driftless youth and the sexual revolution, but that it starred a regular guy like Dustin Hoffman. As NY Times critic A.O. Scott said in 2009, casting Hoffman “helped redefine what kind of person could become a movie star.”

However, the movie could have been very different: Originally, the role of college… Continue reading 'The Graduate' Cast: Where Are They Now?

The end is near for the “Twilight” franchise. But no matter what you think about the blockbuster series, you can at least agree that the last several months have been rather awkward for Twi-hards. For those out of the loop: “Twilight” lead Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on her “Twilight” co-star/real-life boyfriend Robert Pattinson back in July

Prepare to say farewell to Gleekers like Rachel and Finn next spring. Glee creator Ryan Murphy says that the original cast of FOX’s award-winning musical-comedy smash will graduate from McKinley High at the end of the show’s third season.Sob! Pass … Continue reading Original “Glee” Cast Graduating Next Season