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Here’s How the 2012 Grammys Went Down, Basically (PHOTO RECAP)

Guys, everybody’s tired of the Grammys, even the Grammys itself. This year the venerable awards show basically threw in the towel, opting to just give every award to Adele (who deserved them all, but still) while also carting out a bunch of old white dudes your dad used to be really into. You know something’s wrong when the Foo Fighters somehow represent the modern state of rock and roll, and… Continue reading Here's How the 2012 Grammys Went Down, Basically (PHOTO RECAP)

A former music executive has blasted the Grammy Awards for snubbing Justin Bieber and Eminem, calling the show a “series of hypocrisies and … Continue reading Music exec slams Grammys for snubbing Bieber

Tween girls aren’t the only ones still hopping mad that jazz songstress Esperanza Spalding yanked the Best New Artist prize right out from under Justin Bieber’s bangs at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards earlier this month. On Sunday, hip-hop marketing expert Steve Stoute hit The New York Times with a very public “Up Yours!” to […] Continue reading Steve Stoute Slams Grammys In New York Times Full Page Ad

It’s a case of dress deja vu: Miley Cyrus loved her Marie Claire cover so much, she wore the look again!. . At last night’s Grammy Awards in Los … Continue reading Miley Cyrus Wears Marie Claire Cover Dress to Grammys!

In an interview between the covers of the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Kim Kardashian pooh-poohed reports that she was on the outs with socialite Paris Hilton by explaining that she’d simply outgrown her friendship with her childhood pal — and her recent actions seem to support that claim. The former BFFs appeared anything but […] Continue reading Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian Make Nice At Grammys Afterparty