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‘Cougar Town’: Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins on character growth and Valentine’s Day

The cat is pretty much out of the bag about the big event in the season premiere of “Cougar Town” on Tuesday (Feb. 14).

(But if you still haven’t heard and are trying to remain unspoiled, you might want to stop reading. And don’t hit play on the video.)

It’s been teased in network promos and is both shown and referred to in the 10-minute preview of the season co-creator Bill… Continue reading 'Cougar Town': Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins on character growth and Valentine's Day

Hollywood’s Human Growth Hormone Problem: Are Stars Taking It To Stay Young?

In 2007, actor Sylvester Stallone was caught by Australian custom agents with 48 vials of Jintropin, a human growth hormone (HGH). The drug is best known for being used by professional athletes, mainly baseball players, who need help recovering from injury or building muscle. HGH has been banned by Major League Baseball since 2005.

However, in the March issue of Vanity Fair, writer Ned Zeman says the problem extends way past… Continue reading Hollywood's Human Growth Hormone Problem: Are Stars Taking It To Stay Young?

ford motor company logoThe Indian subsidiary of American auto major Ford recorded a 188 percent sales growth in February over the corresponding period in 2010, mainly driven by Figo, its compact car model, according to a company official. Ford India sold 9,293 vehicles in February as compared to 3,223 in 2010. For the past one year, the auto […] Continue reading Ford records growth in February sales

Railway budgetWith highest ever allocation of Rs.57,630 crore ($13 billion), Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee Friday presented the rail budget for 2011-12, promising to move fast to build a stronger railroad infrastructure while addressing the needs of the average person. From more money for better safety and several industrial parks under the public-private partnership model to new […] Continue reading Mamata’s rail budget promises growth with human face

India's Bank of BarodaIndia’s Bank of Baroda has recorded a whopping 120 percent growth in credit in Trinidad and Tobago. The bank also recorded a 75 percent growth in total business in a matter of ten months of the current financial year, Yesh Pal Chhabra, managing director, told IANS. Chhabra, who took over the reins of the Bank […] Continue reading Indian bank clocks 120 percent growth in Trinidad and Tobago