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Could Grumpy Cat unseat Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as the most controversial cover subject in Vogue magazine history?

The world’s most famous kitty visited the magazine’s Manhattan offices to celebrate her second birthday but she was definitely not amused at being there, especially when famed creative director Grace Coddington tried to cuddle with her.

PHOTOS:  Grumpy Cat Visits Vogue

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There are several superstars in the land of Internet cats, but only one has looks that could kill: Grumpy Cat. The 2013 Webby Awards winner’s real name is Tardar Sauce (aka Tard), and her dwarfism and underbite give her a permanent frown. Deadline is reporting that the cranky kitty will now be the star of her own film. The website is describing the feature as a “Garfield-like” story. Does that… Continue reading From Internet Meme to Movie: Get Ready to See Lots More of the Grumpy Cat

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