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Kate Middleton’s phone was hacked by British tabloid News of the World while she was dating Prince William, a prosecutor told a London court Thursday.

In one voicemail message that William left Kate, the prince calls his future wife ”Babykins” and says he was almost shot by blank rounds during a military training exercise, the British Press Association reported.

The transcript, dug up during a police investigation into the newspaper’s alleged hacking practices, was one of… Continue reading Prince William ‘Nearly Got Shot’ In Training Exercise, Hacked Voicemail To Kate Middleton Reveals

Be still, Beliebers! Selena Gomez doesn’t really think Justin Bieber sucks. On Wednesday, a hacker hijacked the Disney star’s Facebook page, replacing her status updates with a string of expletives and the message: “Oh yeh, JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS!!!!” An obvious diss at the actress’ rumored boyfriend. The hacker, identified only as pkinJ0r, posted a video […] Continue reading Selena Gomez Facebook Page Hacked

Take That singer Robbie Williams has revealed that his mobile phone was hacked by a tabloid. According to ABC News, the pop singer said that he wasn”t worried about any further hacking because he had stopped using mobile eve since ”for that very reason,” reports the Sydney Morning Herald. A phone scandal investigation in UK […] Continue reading Robbie Williams reveals his mobile phone was hacked

The philosophy of “I Sue” has tossed one classic rocker at the center of web shutdown…. KISS bassist Gene Simmons has become the target of online hackers after he urged musicians to use legal remedies to battle fans who illegally download music. Over the weekend, two of Simmons’ official websites, SimmonsRecords.com and GeneSimmons.com, were hit […] Continue reading Gene Simmons Hacked

On Sunday YouTube was attacked by malicious hackers. They used a cross-site scripting vulnerability on the site and hit sections where users post their comments. According to Google, it was decided to hide comments within an hour. The company unveiled a complex of fix to solve the issue. But still Google is studying the vulnerability […] Continue reading YouTube to Be Hacked by Malicious Hackers