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Kirby Bliss Blanton check out Fricaine Pretty Bride shoulder bag. 

An accomplished Technology and Management Professional, with extensive experience in the private and public sector, Kayode seems to be the least likely individual to venture into creating a luxury brand of exotic handbags.  In an effort to expose the rest of the world to the beautiful colors and sophisticated designs of his native home, Kayode was awakened from a… Continue reading Celebrities Check Out Fricaine Handbags

Pop star Pixie Lott is selling off her collection of free designer clothes and handbags to raise money for charity. Lott regularly receives bundles of clothes and accessories from big designer labels eager to attach her to their brand. However, the singer admits she now has too many clothes to wear – so she plans […] Continue reading Pixie Lott puts designer clothes and handbags on sale for charity

A hermes fascination takes a considerable amount of work. The power and address that give owning one of their around-the-clock accessories is not calmly acquired. The a whole lot of commended Hermes h Continue reading Celebs Help to make Hermes Handbags Famous