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Hawaii Five-0 is usually the action-adventure junkie’s dream, but in Friday’s episode, in which McGarrett and Co. work a cold case from the years just after Pearl Harbor, you won’t see quite the same type of action.

Executive producer Peter Lenkov said he and fellow writer on the episode Ken Solarz wanted to do something a little more intimate and dial back the present-day action in favor of a

‘Secret Circle’: ‘FNL’ alum Grey Damon on possibly sexing up Chance Harbor (and almost being Stefan Salvatore)


Image Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

The Secret Circle returns tonight (The CW, 9 p.m. ET), and while Cassie (Britt Robertson) is busy trying to understand what coming from a “dark magic” bloodline actually means, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) tries to cheer up Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) by attempting to get their individual powers back. Enter the new recurring character Lee LaBeque, played by… Continue reading ‘Secret Circle’: ‘FNL’ alum Grey Damon on possibly sexing up Chance Harbor (and almost being Stefan Salvatore)

The elephant graveyard of failed TV series is littered with shows that attempted last-minute makeovers before ultimate cancellation. Whether through recasting lead roles, changing locations, killing characters, or just simply altering the basic tone, a good show can be made terrible just as often as a decent show can be made amazing. Although I’ve enjoyed and admired much of The Secret Circle to this point, it certainly hasn’t been without… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Forget it Jake, It's Chance Harbor (PHOTO RECAP)

By now everyone knows The Secret Circle shares a lot in common with The Vampire Diaries: Network, showrunner, source material authoress, witchcraft, cinematic style, tone, and sensibility. Right now the comparison—whether fair or not—both hurts and helps The Secret Circle, as The Vampire Diaries has become a mostly incredible teen soap powerhouse over the last two seasons due to its exhausting story turnover rate. But after seeing Thursday’s premiere, The