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Yesterday’s news that the Village Voice had laid off its longtime chief film critic J. Hoberman sent shockwaves through the worlds of movie journalism and independent film distribution. Aside from Roger Ebert, it’s hard to imagine a current critic who’s been at his post longer, who’s had more impact on the indie film world and on other critics, or who’s departure would leave a bigger void. His layoff… Continue reading Why J. Hoberman, Fired Village Voice Movie Critic, Matters

On a day marked by famed film critic Armond White’s annually hilarious Better-Than list, one of White’s many adversaries in the critical world was laid off. The Village Voice let go of long-time film reviewer J. Hoberman, who had been writing for the alt-weekly since 1983.

Hoberman, who started writing for the paper in 1983 and was promoted to head film critic in 1988, was not stunned by the… Continue reading J. Hoberman Laid Off: Village Voice Film Critic Let Go After More Than 20 Years