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It was almost the collision heard ’round the gossip world.  Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston nearly came face-to-face Friday night in Hollywood.

Brad was with Angelina Jolie and their four oldest kids, and came out of a showing of Hugo at the ArcLight Cinemas less than five minutes before Jen and her live-in love, Justin Theroux walked in.

If Jen and Justin had just stopped… Continue reading Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston -- Near Face-To-Face in Hollywood

‘Immortals’ definitely delivers the fiercely pitched battle scenes you expect from an action epic, but if you think the carnage is on par with ‘300’ or ‘Gladiator,’ think again. Director Tarsem Singh cheerfully explained his stance on screen violence to Moviefone and admitted his goal is to make audiences uncomfortable. Remember the scene in ‘The Cell’ where Vincent D’Onofrio unspools a victim’s intestines? Expect a lot… Continue reading 'Immortals' Ultra-Violence: Does Hollywood Need More Descriptive R-Rating?

Tom Cruise as Jerry MaguireIt’s not common knowledge, but Cameron Crowe based Tom Cruise’s Jerry Maguire mission statement – the event that basically launches the entire film – on an internal Hollywood memo written by then Disney head Jeffrey Katzenberg. The document, which chronicled how Disney needed to refocus in the face of tough economic times back in 1991, was leaked to the press and soon… Continue reading Read the Hollywood Memo that Inspired 'Jerry Maguire's' Mission Statement

The X-Files' I Want to Believe posterAs The X-Files was so fond of telling us, “the truth is out there” when it comes to extra-terrestrial life forms visiting Earth. And now, the government has shared their version of that truth, telling petitioners who demanded that President Obama’s administration clear the record on the topic once and for all that there’s no UFO cover-up or conspiracy.

Despite what films… Continue reading Note to Hollywood: White House Officially Goes on Record Regarding Whether Aliens Have Visited Earth

With the season of Halloween now upon us, you may want to celebrate with a horror movie or two. But who needs a movie when the real lives of Hollywood’s brightest stars are just as freaky? Ghosts, killer cars with a mind of their own, and even the devil himself have been wrapped up with the most glamorous men and women of the silver screen. While the veracity of these… Continue reading Haunted Hollywood: Marilyn Monroe's Ghost, 'The Exorcist' and More