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09/13/2013 at 07:33 PM ET

RihannaCourtesy Rihanna

–Topping the list of “things only Rihanna can wear”: this bizarre sweatband-meets-veil creation. [Instagram]

–Jessica Alba’s adorable two-year-old daughter Haven shares her mother’s fine taste in shoes, as evidenced by this too-cute-for-words video. [Instagram]

–What happens when prank-master Jimmy Kimmel addresses New York Fashion Week? This

Review in a Hurry: Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane delivers his first live-action feature starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and a computer-generated talking teddy bear that’s just as foul-mouthed as the characters on MacFarlane’s shows So much of the film reminds us of those animated sitcoms that after… Continue reading Movie Review: Ted Is Stuffed With Raunchy Humor

Review in a Hurry: Jim, Michelle, and the rest of the Class of 1999 return to their hometown for their 13-year high school reunion. As evidenced by Stifler’s receding hairline, they’ve all gotten a little older, but the humor in American Reunion is still late-’90s raunch. Which, for… Continue reading Movie Review: American Reunion Bakes Up That Familiar Pie Humor

Review in a Hurry: Once the best of buds, stoner dudes Harold and Kumar reunite for a drug-fueled night before Christmas. Fans of the series will laugh (more so if they “prepare” before viewing). For everyone else, this isn’t the worst (Guantanamo) or the best (White Castle) in… Continue reading Movie Review: A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Just Barely Gets By On Half-Baked Humor

MegamindReview in a Hurry: In the wicked-fun Megamind, our titular evildoer (Will Ferrell) suffers an existential crisis after destroying his nemesis, hero Metro Man (Brad Pitt). This 3-D, animated…