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Today Warner Bros. announced the sequel to Man of Steel would be called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the Internet immediately lost its mind and pounced on the title like a bunch of ghouls feasting on a newborn. And as I watched the vitriol flow across social media, all I could do is sit back and wonder why everyone is so angry… Continue reading Geeks Are Entering The Age of Instant Backlash And It's Getting Really Tiresome

HTC Salsa and ChaChaMobile phone giant HTC has launched two handsets – called Salsa and ChaCha – that will provide instant access to Facebook. By punching in the ‘F’ logo, users will be able to instantly share photos, music and even their exact location on an inbuilt map from their mobile phone. At the moment, owners of iPhones […] Continue reading New smartphones give instant access to Facebook

Security researchers at Symantec and BKIS report worms hitting users of Yahoo Messenger and Skype via malicious instant messages. Security researchers have reported a new wave of attacks targeting users of Yahoo Messenger and Skype.
BKIS (Bach Khoa Internetwork Security) researchers on May 7 informed that the attack comes via messages which  urges the users to […] Continue reading Worm Attack on Skype and Yahoo IM via instant messages: Symantec and BKIS report