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Inside Out: As we heard last year, Pixar’s Inside Out will take place inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl, revolving around emotions voiced by Amy Poehler (Joy, the main and most important emotion), Bill Hader (Fear), Mindy Kaling (Disgust), Phyllis Smith (Sadness), and Lewis Black (Anger). New plot details indicate the young girl must struggle with her emotions when she is uprooted from… Continue reading Movie News: More Details on Pixar's 'Inside Out;' Trailers for Robin Wright's 'The Congress' and Steve Coogan's 'Trip to Italy'

(sniff) Don’t cry tears of sadness because it’s almost over; cry tears of joy because the movie experience is coming to your life. In “Breaking Dawn 2,” the final part of “The Twilight Saga,” Edward, Bella and Jacob must do whatever it takes to protect young Renesemee from the Volturi… including seeking the aid of vampire covens from around the world. Luckily for vampires, cross-continental transport is fairly fast, but… Continue reading 'Breaking Dawn' Global Getaway Sweepstakes: Win A Trip To Italy


Image Credit: MTV

Are you really surprised?

MTV’s Italy edition of Jersey Shore debuted to the show’s largest premiere audience ever — 8.8 million viewers. That’s down just a hair from the reality mega-hit’s previous all-time best of 8.9 million viewers last January.

Shore also easily beat everything on broadcast last night, including CBS’ Big Brother (7.3 million viewers). If the season follows… Continue reading ‘Jersey Shore’ Italy ratings are immenso!

The fourth season of MTV’s huge hit, which launches Thursday (Aug. 4), has the  “Jersey Shore” gang in Italy. Though Snooki was luke-warm about her experience — driving into a police car, missing your family while not being able to get your nails and tan done will do that to a guidette — Pauly D says, “Italy was… Continue reading 'Jersey Shore's' Pauly D on Italy: 'It was one of my Top 10 things in life'

by Radar Staff
It wasn’t a good day for Snooki. She stumbled coming out of a bar with her best Jersey Shore pal, J-WOWW, cutting her knee in the process.
PHOTOS:  Snooki Covers Her Face As J-WOWW Takes Care Of Her Bleeding Knee
The girls crossed a pia… Continue reading PHOTOS: Snooki Nurses A Cut Knee After Stumble Out Of Bar