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still from The HappeningThey often say that life imitates art, but a recent news story about a group of Cambodian students attempted to take that maxim to a frightening extreme.

Website iO9 reports that 136 students at a Cambodian high school passed out while being forced to stand at attention as punishment for failing to show the proper respect for the national flag. That in itself isn’t… Continue reading Life Imitates 'The Happening' as Cambodian Students are Knocked Unconscious by Trees

When movies like the critically savaged duo of ‘Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star’ and ‘Creature’ bottom out at the box office, it’s an excuse for a quick joke and little else. (Example: “Double the $ 220 per-screen average for ‘Creature’ and you still couldn’t even buy an iPad!”) When a movie like ‘Warrior’ underperforms, however, box office prognosticators are left to wonder where it went wrong… Continue reading 6 Possible Reasons 'Warrior' Got Knocked Out at the Box Office

A range of troubles continues to follow Tiger Woods. It is known that he missed the cut at a tournament held in April, lost his coach and suffered a neck injury in May. This time, the golfer is trying not to lose the current game after his sex scandal which broke out in November. We […] Continue reading Tiger Woods Practically Knocked Down: Complete Frustration

So much for beefing up security….. You can stampede his stage and shower him with kisses, but trample his Mama and J. Biebs goes a bit bonkers. Pop idol Justin Bieber is pleading with his international legion of young fans to conduct themselves with some decorum after his hat was stolen (Five bucks says it reemerges on […] Continue reading Justin Bieber Mother Knocked Down In Fan Melee New Zealand