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The murder trial involving Jodi Arias isn’t over but that isn’t stopping Lifetime from developing a movie about the scandal.

Executive producers with previous credits that include Drew Peterson: Untouchable and The Craigslist Killer are working on the movie about the woman who claims she killed her boyfriend in self defense, reports TV Guide.

Arias is on trial for the shooting death… Continue reading Lifetime planning Jodi Arias movie

"Time Stands Still" Broadway Opening Night - After Party

Lifetime landed a casting coup by nabbing Alicia Silverstone for its drama pilot about a human resources executive who has an epiphany and changes her outlook.

Dubbed HR, Silverstone will play the director of HR for a big company who suffers a head injury — and decides on a new way to do business… Continue reading Alicia Silverstone to star in Lifetime pilot

blue-lagoon-the-awakening-lifetime.jpgGenerally, approaching Lifetime’s made-for-TV movies with low expectations is the most prudent road to take. That way, you can laugh at the hilariously poorly written dialogue and improbable situations without being disappointed. But sometimes that approach backfires — like when the movies are highly enjoyable and eminently watchable without any major flaws, like “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening.”

The reboot of the 1980 camp classic “The Blue… Continue reading 'Blue Lagoon: The Awakening' - the most watchable Lifetime movie ever?

Lindsay Lohan to play Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime biopic

lindsay-lohan-goes-to-jail.jpg“Saturday Night Live” announced on Saturday that Lindsay Lohan would be hosting their March 3 show, to the surprise of many fans — particularly considering the fact that she doesn’t have a project to promote, aside from the completion of her court-mandated community service.

Just in time, though, Lohan has snagged a new gig — which we’re guessing is a bit of a dream project for… Continue reading Lindsay Lohan to play Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime biopic

Renee Zelwegger is developing a drama for Lifetime that’s loosely based on her “journey from small-town Texas to Hollywood stardom,” the network announced today. Cinnamon Girl would be set in Los Angeles in the late ’60s/early ’70s, and would chronicle the adventures of four girls who are coming of age at the time of cultural and political revolution.

The project — which is being created by Zellweger and Anthony… Continue reading Renee Zellweger developing drama series ‘Cinnamon Girl’ for Lifetime