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With such a long blade, you’d think Machete would have taken a bigger cut of the box office. Not that anyone expected blockbuster numbers from “Machete Kills.” Eight million, maybe even 12 million, tops. However, the long-awaited sequel didn’t even crack $ 4 million. It debuted in fourth place with an estimated $ 3.8

Machete Kills

Machete Kills: Danny Trejo is joined by a wonderfully absurd cast in Machete Kills, including Mel Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, Lady Gaga, and Charlie Sheen as the President of the United States. The film has been acquired for distribution by Open Road Films, which has released the first official image, featuring Amber Heard as Miss San Antonio and Trejo as the titular ex-Federale Machete. Look for… Continue reading Movie News: David Fincher Wants Brad Pitt for ‘20,000 Leagues,’ ‘Life of Pi’ Clip, & ‘Machete Kills’ Pic

Jessica Alba has revealed that the original script of ‘Machete’ demanded her to play twins. The star, who insists on keeping everything covered up on the big screen, freaked out when she saw the first draft of the script. However, the actress asked Robert Rodriguez to rewrite her twin characters because she objected to the […] Continue reading Jessica Alba missed out on playing twins in ‘Machete’

I’m talkin’ ’bout Machete! He’s the federale who’s a sex machine to all the chicks, and no friend of the racist whitefolk out to mess with all the … Continue reading 'Machete' could use a trim

Machete, Danny TrejoReview in a Hurry: Badass character actor Danny Trejo finally gets to topline an action movie courtesy of his pal Robert Rodriguez. And, to be kind, let’s just say we find out why he’s…