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It is no secret that Kris Jenner has been having difficulty coping with her divorce, as well as Bruce Jenner‘s transition into womanhood. But if there is anything that can get Kris through the hard times, it is a box vibrators.

On an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris Jenner goes through boxes of the couple’s old belongings. “Going through all these photos and

love-in-the-wild-jess-derek.jpgWe’re down to seven couples – the time is just flying by on “Love in the Wild.” What drama will we have tonight?

Thanks for all the kind words on last week’s recap. Everybody got their wine ready? Let’s go!

The Awkward Post-Ceremony Move of ShameThe couples come back to the cabins and have to do the pack of shame as they move on to their new… Continue reading 'Love in the Wild': Topless massage and punching horses

The association between iPhone and Twitter has been seen for a long time now. But can the social networking site perform on a non-pocket sized gadget also?
As happens with the best iPad apps, Twitterrific also offers portrait orientations and landscape. In both of the modes, the timeline is front and center and complete […] Continue reading Twitterrific for iPad seen as the best version

Jordan Romero is few just few thousands steps away from becoming the youngest mountaineer to climb the peak of Mount Everest, the highest summit on the planet. He only 13 years of age and he looks forward to be the youngest climbers to stand atop the peak.
At present, he is at the base […] Continue reading Jordan Romero about to climb Everest at age 13