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Drew Pearce is having a very, very busy career of late. He cowrote Iron Man 3 with Shane Black, and also wrote and directed All Hail the King, a new Marvel One Shot that fans can see when they buy Thor: The Dark World (either as a digital download or on the Blu-ray/DVD). In his short film, Pearce offers fans a further look at one… Continue reading Drew Pearce Explains the Tone Behind 'Mission: Impossible 5' and the Christopher McQuarrie Touch

Bryan Singer, the director has teamed up once again with Christopher McQuarrie, the screenwriter for a movie over unusual heroes and villains.
The ‘The Usual Suspects’, screenplay writer which also won an Oscae, McQuarrie will be seen working with the director of X-Men, Singer for the movie ‘Jack the Giant Killer’. The Heat Vision blog, […] Continue reading Bryan Singer Teamed up with Christopher McQuarrie