Robbie Williams reveals his mobile phone was hacked

Take That singer Robbie Williams has revealed that his mobile phone was hacked by a tabloid. According to ABC News, the pop singer said that he wasn”t worried about any further hacking because he had stopped using mobile eve since ”for that very reason,” reports the Sydney Morning Herald. A phone scandal investigation in UK

SBI-AISECT introduce mobile banking services

Financial Inclusion Scheme has taken a new turn with the State Bank of India (SBI) launching mobile banking services in Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) in collaboration with Bhopal-based organization AISECT. This is the first time such a service has been introduced under Financial Inclusion in any state of the country. Two mobile vans, fitted with ATM

Reliance Mobile and Samsung Mobile launch Samsung Galaxy i899

Mumbai, July 8, 2010: In a move that would redefine the Smartphone user experience in the country, Reliance Mobile and Samsung Mobile today announced the launch of India’s first Android powered CDMA handset Samsung Galaxy i899. Combing a unique blend of performance and elegance, Samsung Galaxy i899 will offer an enhanced experience of seamless Speed

Growth of Mobile Subscribers Is Continuing in India

According to data that was revealed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, mobile subscriber growth of India is still continuing. In May 16.3 million new subscribers were added. As for the last year, it was added 11.6 million subscribers in May. The overall number of handset subscribers amounted to 617.5 million as of May

Mobile use’ can raise brain cancer risk’

The debate over whether cell phone radiation causes brain cancer continues, with a new study by the WHO now claiming that just half-an-hour daily on mobile can increase a person’s risk of the disease by a third. The Interphone report by the World Health Organisation has found those in the heaviest user category were in