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Jenny McCarthy found herself uninvited to a prestigious breast-cancer fundraiser in Canada recently after her controversial medical industry views were discovered, Star magazine is reporting.

The former Playboy Playmate of the Year was due to appear at the March 2 event in Ottawa, but event organizers reportedly rescinded their invitation after learning of the 40-year-old’s stance on vaccinations and also of her past claims about cancer treatment.


Emily Eavis, a booker/promoter behind Britain’s Glastonbury Festival explains why this summer’s concert series will be headlined by U2, Coldplay, and…err Beyonce? Last week’s announcement that R&B superstar would be taking center stage at the same traditionally rock festival that her husband headlined in 2008 produced a few grumbles, according to Eavis. Jay-Z was the […] Continue reading Glastonbury Festival Organizers Defend Booking Beyonce

The organizers of the Golden Globes denied a claim by British comic Ricky Gervais Tuesday that they had invited him to host their show again, despite a row over his sharply barbed jokes at last month’ Continue reading Globes organizers deny new invite for Gervais

Oscar producers promise fast and fierce Oscars

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Organizers of this year’s Oscar telecast promised on Friday the competition will be fierce and the show fast-paced in a bid to boost viewership as box office hits like “Avatar” vie for best film. Sunday’s Academy Awards — criticized in the past as bland, unfunny and even unappealing for a young audience — is being outfitted with … Continue reading Oscar producers promise fast and fierce Oscars