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Monday, November 7th

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Tuesday, November

Fun fact: the first in-person interview I ever did was with director Michael J. Bassett. Not only did I have the nervousness of it being my first interview, I also hadn’t prepared for it at all because, until 3 minutes before I did it, I had no idea I was even doing an interview. Long story involving me ordering a Screwdriver at 11am short, one of… Continue reading 'Silent Hill: Revelation' Director Promises to Stay True to the Original Games and the First Film

Monday, October 31st


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Monday, October 24th

Monday Morning Review: ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ is a Foreboding, Provocative Drama by Todd Gilchrist

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Monday, October 17th

On Stranger Tides

Monday Morning Review: ‘The Thing’ Is an Unoriginal Guilty Pleasure by John Gholson

Don’t Shoot! 8 Subjects Never to Record by Perri Nemiroff

License to Amuse: The Best Big-Screen Comedic Spies by Brian Salisbury

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