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“Sherlock” is an important show to television. And now the
Oxford English Dictionary has codified this by using the Benedict Cumberbatch series as its example to define the new word, “ship.”

Any fan of the show is unlikely to be surprised by this, since dedicated “Sherlock” fans ship Sherlock and Watson, Sherlock and Molly, Sherlock and Moriarty, and just about any

Supermom blogger Kelly Oxford has book deal

Kelly Oxford is a blogger, Twitter star and inspiration for a new CBS sitcom. Now, she has a book deal.. . It Books and HarperCollinsCanada … Continue reading Supermom blogger Kelly Oxford has book deal

An English college town is rockin’ out to the beat of TV’s most popular musical-comedy after the premiere of a radio station which only plays songs featured on the hit series Glee.Listeners in Oxford, England will be able to tune into pop smashes which have been covered by the singing-dancing Glee cast — such [...] Continue reading Glee Radio Station Hits Oxford, England: “All-Glee, All The Time”

SXSW Review: “Mr. Nice”

n18481 260x195 SXSW Review: “Mr. Nice”

Imagine if George Jung went to Oxford…and sorta got away with it in the end. Meet Howard Marks, the Welsh drug smuggler who was at one time responsible for 10% of the world’s weed supply. Marks story is truly amazing. Not only did he not believe in violence, but he was a family man who refused to traffic hard drugs. He believed, as many of us do, that marijuana was a mostly harmless substance that shouldn’t be outlawed by federal governments.

Because Marks was unusually principled for a drug dealer, star Rhys Ifans is able to breathe humanity into the titular character and make him a sympathetic one. Given that the SXSW showing was the film’s world premiere, I was able to meet Ifans after the showing. I told him he should be nominated for Best Actor his work on this film. Ifans idolized Marks as a teenager, going as far as even writing him letters as a teenager. Because of that, the men remain friends to this day. They even share an uncanny striking resemblance. The Welshman was truly born to play this role.