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Charlie Sheen has a showbiz ally in the form of old pal Johnny Depp. Disney’s Captain Jack Sparrow has publicly come out in support of his friend as Sheen lacklusterly battles addiction and series of sex and drug-fueld scandals that seem to be doing little to impact the immense popularity of his CBS sitcom, Two […] Continue reading Johnny Depp Standing Behind Drug-Addled Pal Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan’s pal has claimed that the actress can’t control herself from taking drugs because she”s bored. “Lindsay does drugs because she”s bored,” Fox News quoted a pal of the actress as saying. “The only reason she’s ”fessing up about her drug use on Twitter now is because she knows that she has ”friends” that […] Continue reading Lindsay does drugs because she”s bored, says pal

They say there’s someone for everyone….The lonely and desperate have OJ.Shamed sportsman and long suspected killer OJ Simpson is set to wed a woman he’s never met, tattling snoops spilled to GLOBE last week. Simpson, who is serving a 30 year prison sentence in Nevada for a 2007 armed robbery, has proposed to a woman […] Continue reading OJ Simpson Set To Marry Prison Pen Pal

Cops in the City of Angels have their eye on former WWE star Chyna: The burly bruiser is accused of attacking a female companion at a local motel last Saturday night.Gabriela Targos alleges that the former reality star — whose real name is Joanie Laurer — assaulted her in an unprovoked attack at […] Continue reading Chyna Accused Of Assaulting Pal

People who are considered to be users of Verezion Wireless and are the owners of the Palm Pre are able to get some sort of cool video games for their handsets. According to Verizon, it offers a number of games that are now available for the phone.
Among games one can find Brain Challenge, Asphalt 5, […] Continue reading Users of the Pal Pre Can Take Advantage of a Bunch of New Games