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Jwoww to Pen Advice Book

There are arguably many lessons to learn from our friends over on the Jersey Shore. For starters, tawdry brawls in public places are mandatory, and … Continue reading Jwoww to Pen Advice Book

Tommy Mottola, who is largely known for discovering stars like Shakira, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey – who also became his wife in a short-lived marriage, is set to write his memoir, detailing his rise to success and stories while he reigned at the top as the head of Sony Music. Mottola has signed a deal [...] Continue reading Mariah Carey’s ex Tommy Mottola to pen memoir

English actress Emma Thompson is in talks to pen a new Peter Rabbit story to mark the 110th anniversary of Beatrix Potter”s original story. The Oscar-winning actress told US chat show host Craig Ferguson that she “had a lovely little job offer” from the publishers of the children’s book series. “They asked me to write [...] Continue reading Emma Thompson to pen new Peter Rabbit tale

Rushdie to pen his lost chapter

Salman Rushdie has started writing the story about his decade in hiding from a fatwa. “I am writing it now. I found it kind of annoying that other people kept offering versions of it that were all bulls***,” The Australian quoted Rushdie as saying. It was on Valentine”s Day in 1989 that Iranian leader Ayatollah [...] Continue reading Rushdie to pen his lost chapter

THE Razz today reveals the REAL reason rap superstar Eminem refused to go onstage at T – festival bosses were afraid he would be blinded by laser … Continue reading Real reason for Eminem's late arrival on T in the Park stage was hunt for laser pen yobs