Android phones more popular than iPhones

It looks like Android would quickly move past the iPhone in market share. Android phones are officially more popular with new smart phone consumers than iPhones, according to figures that have just been released by Nielsen Company. Google gives its app developers more freedom than Apple does, and the Android operating system is available from

Nokia introduces 3 latest messaging mobile phones

On Tuesday, the biggest handset manufactures across the world, the Finland’s Nokia Corp. (NOK) has announced that it is releasing three new handsets targeting at strong messaging as well as social-networking tools at low rates.
On Monday, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) has introduced a range of latest phones aiming at social-networking so how can Nokia stay behind

Can cell phones protect us against deadly chemicals?

The “smartphones” many of us now carry have a three to five mega pixel lens, not to mention an MP3 player, GPS or even a bar code scanner. What if new functions on our cell phones can also protect us from toxic chemicals?
The US Deparment of Homeland Security’s science and technology directorate’s Cell-All is such