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Some little girls like puppies and kitties, and other girls want to snuggle with facehuggers from the Alien film and videogame franchise. One member on the crafty site Instructables recently posted a tutorial for making a plush facehugger pillow pet, which she created for her daughter who is obsessed with the Alien vs. Predator videogame. Apparently the 8 year-old likes to run around the house… Continue reading Create Your Own 'Alien' Facehugger Plush Pillow

Singer Katy Perry has admitted that she can’t repel stealing pillows from the places she stays all over the world. “I do steal pillows from every single place I stay. It”s like ”Princess and the Pea” and I”m just laying on a bunch of pillows in a big room,” Stuff.co.nz quoted Katy as saying. “When […] Continue reading Katy Perry is a pillow thief!

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina has revealed that the actress is being treated like a common criminal in the prison. Dina, 47, who visited Lindsay with younger daughter Ali and her ex –girlfriend Samantha Ronson, has slammed reports that the 24-year-old actress is enjoying any perks behind bars. “She doesn”t have cell phone privileges, that”s absurd,” […] Continue reading LiLo doesn”t even have a pillow in jail, says mum