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chameleon rd 660 Robert Davi on The Great Chameleon, and How It Pushes the Boundaries of Political CorrectednessRobert Davi has been in some of the biggest movies of all time, and you might not even know his name, or even remember his face right away. A long-standing character actor with an impressive résumé, Davi has made memorable turns in mainstream hits like “The Goonies,” “Die Hard,” and even played the Bond villain in “The Living Daylights.” Born in New York, he was trained… Continue reading Robert Davi on 'The Great Chameleon,' and How It Pushes the Boundaries of Political Correctedness

As we enter the final days of the 2012 race for the White House, what better time to expose curious kids to some political films? No, we’re not talking about

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” which hits theaters this Friday, brings to life what everyone already knew to be true: Before he became the great emancipator, our 16th President was out slayin’ vampires!

This film certainly won’t be the last time Hollywood takes liberties with American history. Which means, it’s time for studios to set their sights on the

“Life is a lively process of becoming,” is a quote from General Douglas MacArthur. (At least according to BrainyQuote.com; hey, I’m no military historian!) While this existential yet vague comment could be construed and interpreted any which way you want, it happens to lend itself well to the art of acting.

Enter Tommy Lee Jones, who will have the job of “becoming” General MacArthur in the upcoming political thriller, “Emperor.” The… Continue reading Tommy Lee Jones Cast As General Douglas MacArthur In Political Thriller, 'Emperor'

pan am haiti Pan Am flies into political unrest with Unscheduled DepartureThe intrigue continues to soar at 30,000 feet on Sunday’s (Nov. 13) episode of ABC’s period drama “Pan Am.” The crew takes off for Caracas but has to make an emergency landing in Haiti while the island is reeling from a devastating tropical storm and in the midst of a brutal political regime.

En… Continue reading 'Pan Am' flies into political unrest with 'Unscheduled Departure'